Nowadays, people have developed poor eating habits and do not eat balanced diet. What are the reasons behind this? Suggest possible solutions to control this.

These days people are not following a proper diet plan and their pattern of food intake is erratic. There are multiple reasons for
, budget constraints and busy lifestyle being the most important.
can be mended by taking the meals at a proper time and avoiding junk foods. On the one hand, an imbalance in the dietary habits is the cause of various diseases and the factors responsible for
are the hectic routine and poor income. Due to the advancements in life, the people are too much involved in their work, so they don't get enough space to eat something.
, the per capita income has
declined, leading to less income which ultimately affect the eating habits.
, all
has a detrimental effect on the health of the population.
For instance
, the statistics have revealed that the USA citizens are more prone to heart diseases due to unhealthy intake.
On the other hand
, efforts must be put in to improve the overall condition of the society by following a proper timetable of meals and refraining from fast food items. There must be awareness campaigns to guide the masses to take the breakfast, lunch and dinner at a specific point and avoid missing the meals.
, the inclination of
generation towards the consumption of burgers and pizza should be discouraged.
, all these steps will help to make the lives disease free.
For example
, the UK officials have given a plan in all the schools
that is
to be implemented by all for a better future generation. To conclude, the fast pace of the current era has produced many problems in our livings and the imbalanced eating behaviour is the foremost. We have to curb
and make our conditions better.
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