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Many people decide on a career path early in their lives and keep to it. This, they argue, leads to a more satisfying working life. To what extent do you agree with this view? What other things can people do in order to have a satisfying working life?

In recent years, some people have views that it is more likely to get a satisfying career if the goals are set at an early age, while there are opponents who have different ideas. However, I partly agree with the view that people should decide what they will do in the future. On the one hand, there is an important reason that it will give them a goal and direction when people set up a work path early. As a result, people will focus their time and energy on those that can help them to pursue their targets, so it is beneficial for people who want to pursue certain careers. For instance, for those who want to become doctors, they can prepare in advance for some subjects such as math, physics, chemistry and biology. In comparison, it is impossible for others who decide to be doctors after graduating because above eight years of professional training in universities is required. On the other hand, I agree with those who argue that not everyone is suitable for deciding their career early. What we think is that many people can not understand the details of all jobs at an early stage, so they do not have the ability to make decisions. Next, there is a kind of person who prefers to do various things, which can give them a feeling of challenge and excitement. Finally, there is no doubt that a satisfying work life depends on a variety of factors such as a high salary, a friendly working environment and an inspirational boss. In conclusion, for the reasons mentioned above, I believe that it is certain to get a satisfying career if people decide what they will do early, especially in some particular work, but this obviously cannot for everyone.
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