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Despise the advances made in agriculture many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this the case. What can be done to solve this problem?

It is irrefutable that being an advanced technology in the farming sector manifold people around the globe are suffering from starvation. In my opinion, the lack of proper distribution channel is responsible for this issue, and it can be resolved by imposing the stringent action against them. To begin with, the corrupted diffusion flow of the grain is the main reason that the adequate quantity fails to reach out to the maximum people. To be more precise, when the cereal is ready to sell, the brokers charge a heavy amount to transit the grain in the market, therefore, the wholesaler or the store keeper buys them at a higher cost, and later on, they cover this price from the consumer by selling the similar product more than the actual market cost. Hence, destitute people who cannot afford this cost die from hunger. Moreover, annually ample quantity of the harvest rotten in the warehouse rather than reaching to the population of the underdeveloped countries such Brazil, Hungry, Syria, and many more because of the poor transport, and the financial conditions as a result, the residence of these places suffers from malnutrition and other health issues. Furthermore, to overcome these obstacles, the United nation needs to put strict laws against this corruption and the monetary crisis. Simply stated, the law and enforcement agencies should create a check list that must meet the certain parameters like, is every country receiving the meals as per their current population or not, are suppliers selling the harvest as per price set up by the government , are developed countries helping the poor nations to meet their food demands on time. In conclusion, do not but agree that the agricultural industry has enhanced a lot, but people all over the world are deprived of meals because the available stock in the market fails to reach to them due to the improper channelization. Hence, the higher authorities should imply the strict rules against this carelessness
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