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Some people say that technologies such as mobile phones are disrupting social interaction. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, advancement in Information Technology is cutting down the interaction between humans socially because of development of gadgets like cell phones and computers. I completely agree that cutting edge technology is slowly decreasing the communication between people, despite the improvement in long distance ,versation because people are interacting lesser than before. First and foremost, the advanced electronic gadgets offer a wide range of pre-installed attractive features. Although these days people can communicate worldwide with the help of mobile phones, various functions in these equipments have completely occupied the quality time of humans who always stick around technology. The situation becomes worse when people tend to prioritise innovation for entertainment instead of sharing with their friends. Ultimately, people slightly start losing their interest in social activities and become a victim of this trend. In the modern world, mobile phone apps, for example, Videomaker, Tik-Tok and YouTube has completely captivated generations and it is unlikely for them to spare their time for their society members. Furthermore, various companies have made it possible to provide online services to their customers without interacting or talking them verbally. In the past, people were less technology-oriented and always seek help from their friend in order to get their jobs done. However, today, people prefer online services in and type of work which hinder social interaction. For instance, online Uber transportation services app, people can book their gap by giving pick-up and drop -off point information to the company, and after this a passenger can travel without uttering a single word to his driver. Consequently, this modern technology has declined the rate of verbal communication between humans. In conclusion, I believe Android phone and other electronic devices have disturbed human relations because of its creative and innovative features, and the online services offered by modern companies, and the IT sector has broadly accepted by generations, which has lead to disturbance in human relations.
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