Write a letter to the organiser of an annual festival that you attended last year. Include - Feedback about last year - An offer to volunteer - Questions about the festival

Dear Mr Brown, I am writing to express my gratitude to your organisation of Octoberfest
year. I have received great pleasure attending it. Especially, I was thrilled by the opportunity to cook fried meat on my own using the grills that you provided free of charge for participants. Even though I am into beer myself,
a wide variety of craft beer was great and my husband enjoyed it a lot. Personally, I tasted a cherry beer for the
time and was pleasantly surprised. By the way, I would like to help you with the conduction of Octoberfest as I noticed that there were not enough waiters during the celebration. I guess everyone just wanted to chill out and take a rest.
That is
why I think that an extra pair of hands will be useful and I will be glad to suggest my free help
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the Fest. Frankly speaking, we liked the festival so much that we are planning to visit it
year. Could you please be so kind to give me some information about it? When and what location will the October west be conducted? Will it be possible to stay in the camp like the previous year? Should we bring our own costumes or will they be available for
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rent at the festival? Thank you in advance for your kind attention to
matter. Sincerely yours, Maria V
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