students should pay their full universities fees themselves as they benefit from having university studies and not the society as a whole. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some argue that students studies do not have advantages for the community,
Accept space
they should pay for their tuition fees without any help from the government.
essay disagrees with the given statement, I believe that
the country
should help students to complete their studies progress. There is no doubt that teaching plays a pivotal role in the evolution of life. Promoting learning has a lot of benefits.
To begin
with, learning was the major cause for several inventions that raise the quality of living.
For example
, the internet has changed the way we communicate. Most of people have greatly benefited from e-mail and other social media platforms,
for instance
Whatsapp. Those incredibly useful tools of communication facilitate contact with loved ones in faraway places.
, the internet has placed the entire world and all the information on it
our hands. In earlier times, conducting research entailed long hours searching library shelves. Now,
, the same amount of information can be accessed at the click of a button.
, countries that provide their communities with proper schooling and grants are always among the strongest countries in the world.
For example
, the United States has many scholarships for students. Providing them with the best opportunities to study and with the appropriate environment.
, there are many services offered to students from institutions that help them publish their research,
, the American society has impressive development in several factors like science, economy.
In addition
, many countries considered America as a role model for prosperity and for growth that America achieved among other countries by education. In conclusion, I would like to say that providing students with all their needs helps students themselves and help their societies because they will serve their country with that information they have.
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