Write about the following topic The best way to plan a holiday is by not planning at all. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Some people perceive that, the eminent way to prepare for a holiday is by not planning anything and leaving things to happen by itself. In my opinion, I don't agree with
statement, because we cannot start a voyage without knowing the final destination. In
essay, we'll discuss the relevant attributes for it.
, when it comes to vacation trips, there are lots of things to watch out for. Indeed, starting from the destination, accommodation and travel the to-do list goes on continuously.
, if the planning is meticulously done, there won't be any difficulties during the trip.
For instance
, we are planning to go to a hill-station during the holidays, in
scenario the main concerns are the type of travel and clothes to wear on the spot. Which, play an important role in the successful completion of the trip or else it may ruin the whole plan.
, it is apparent that, for a pleasant trip it requires pre-planning with absolute scrutiny.
, certain trips are particular to the climatic conditions, which cannot be accessed according to our wish.
, some people plan
activity for days and months.
, if there wasn't any plan compliance with the tour, it may not deliver the intended outcome.
For example
, if we are planning for a foreign tour, it would cost high money, in
particular situation without the long-term planning, we cannot execute the intended task as per our wish.
, it is evident that, nothing happens all of a sudden. In conclusion, without proper planning and execution nothing in
world could be achieved. Though, there are some occasions, in which the things could go as per the wish.
, in the long term probability of chances are too low and it may not be reliable.
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