Homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular as more and more parents are choosing to educate their children in this way. why do you think parents might chose homeschooling rather than traditional schools. Do you think homeschooling is more beneficial?

The education system has attained a new leap in the form of homeschooling concept. Due to the recent pandemic situation some parents adopting
new concept and becoming more popular than the traditional schools. There might be some thought process behind the new concept,
in my opinion traditional schooling has more benefits than the homeschooling.
, I assume, some parents chose
homeschooling approach for their convenience. Probably there could be a different angle to their position. In these modern days many parents are office goers, owing to the current situation many companies are promoting the work from home culture, in
scenario parents are seeing
an opportunity to manage their work life balance.
, Homeschooling may reduce the financial burden to the parents, perhaps school fees would be significantly reduced. Kids might developed under self driven approach. Even though, the new schooling approach seems to be beneficial but, in reality advantages of the traditional schooling surpass over the homeschooling. It has a demonstrated results over the centuries. Apart from academic skills the student's will learn the interpersonal skills while on the field.
is one of key skill to become more successful in
society. And
, skills like team building, public speaking and leadership will be acquired while they are exposed to the reality which means when they are trained under traditional schools. Traditional schools create's more opportunity on the field.
For instance
, a student could realise his potential to become a sportsman or an artist. In conclusion, considering the above mentioned facts, even though, a few perks seems to be convenient in homeschooling, I strongly believe traditional schools are the best to develop the children in order to compete in
Hence I
Accept comma addition
Hence, I
don't think homeschooling is more beneficial.
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