Some people think that the most important thing about being rich is it gives a person the opportunity to help other people. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

We are living in a community where we are very much accustomed to the term of rich and poor. Some would argue that, if someone has enough cash,
he or she should lend their helping hand for poor ones. According to me, I strongly opine with the idea of proponents as wealthy people can help the backwards to feed and to educate.
To begin
with, death due to hunger and malnutrition is quite common and the rich ones can abolish
kind of death by not wasting foods and lending fund to some organizations
as NGOs. To elaborate, often it is quite common for so-called elite class people, to just throw away excess foods. According to a recent study conducted by The Oxford University, total 45% of consumable foods are getting wasted every year and
that is
quite worrisome. If the people with enough money can just donate that uneaten food to some NGOs or organizations,
they can arrange to feed hungry people. On top of that, these wealthy ones should provide monetary help to those particular organizations who are helping to feed starved people all over the globe.
, illiteracy is still one of the greatest threat we are facing these days and that can be fixed if rich people can help to open up new school and give some financial aid. Often it is observed that
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many private schools are getting closed every year for lack of funds.
For example
, in Kolkata and it's neighbourhood areas, the losing of schools were quite a common concept until the local businessmen set up a trustee board to help those schools and
as a result
, the number of education centres in Kolkata is quite higher than any other state capitals' in India.
, in village areas, if the upper class of society could help the students in buying uniforms or other school equipment,
many boys and girls do not need to cease learning and enrol themselves as labours due to lack of money. To conclude, the rich people have the gift to help others and if they could do that,
our community will be a very good place to live in. I would suggest, that the government should
encourage the wealthy ones to help humanity.
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  • wealthy
  • financial resources
  • philanthropy
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  • donations
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  • support
  • initiatives
  • contribute
  • fulfillment
  • purpose
  • selfless
  • altruistic
  • prioritize
  • personal gain
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