Some people think it is important to keep and maintain old buildings rather than replacing them with modern buildings. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Whether the historical structures should be demolished or conserved, is always argued among various sections of people. Some of them consider them as prominent landmarks whereas others ponder that they are useless. In
essay, both the viewpoints will be looked at and critically evaluated before a final conclusion can be drawn. On the one hand, the individuals who believe that traditional buildings are worthwhile to be recognized their vital role in a nation's arrests.
is because a particular country that has its unique identification only due to its cultural heritage across the globe.
For example
, tourists through the world travel to different places just to experience alternative traditional values and ancient ways of life.
, the unique significance of a country will become absolute if its historical assets are destroyed.
, there are few people whole vehemently contend the preservability of conventional buildings. Probably, they are concerned for the tremendous growth of demands of the contemporary world because sources are limited and the population is growing at a rapid rate. To illustrate, if a city is congested and there are numerous unused constructions occupying a huge space,
, certainly it would be a wise decision to raze them in order to facilitate the city-dwellers with a new residential area.
, whenever the redundant place can be made more productive for the welfare of the inhabitants, the authorities must not remain reluctant to utilize it. Having considered each side of the argument, I am of the opinion that, undoubtedly, old edifices possess precious and priceless historical value; if they are obstructing the smooth functioning of the society, it may be unwise to protect them.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Heritage conservation
  • Historical edifice
  • Cultural legacy
  • Architectural marvel
  • Preservationist
  • Urban landscape
  • Economic revitalization
  • Tourist hub
  • Adaptive reuse
  • Cultural fabric
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Civic identity
  • Preservation criteria
  • Structural integrity
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