Some people think that spending a lot on holding wedding parties , birthday parties and other celebrations is just a waste of money. Others, however, think that these are necessary for individuals and the society. Discuss.

Celebrations, which is a tradition since past, allows people to relax and unwind in the midst of busy and crazy lives. Certain segment of people opine that spending a lot on parties is just a waste of money. Whilst, others are of the view that these are necessary for individuals and the society.
, I would like to delve into both the arguments before forming an opinion. To commence with , our country cherishes on every kind of occasion and so does the citizens do. In order to it, for majority of people, celebrations come under must-to-do list. In the favour of spending ravishingly on occasions
as weddings parties, birthday parties and on festivals' function. Doubtlessly, celebration is one of the mean to take a break from sedentary or mundane lifestyle. On top of that , it unites the entire family and as a consequent , positivity of togetherness, plus, forms love in the air and undoubtedly, boost up an individual. To some extent, it
up search the feeling of excitement and certainly, in a way, offers better bonding within family or society.
, a small get together within society keeps up the relationship .
In addition
, their is a causal relationship between celebration and moral ethics.
, children would get to know their culture and religion as when involved in celebrations of certain occasions.
, celebrating festivals, occasions and holding parties serves no purpose ,
, is just a waste of money . Money spent on ravishing parties is of no means.
, people enjoy for a particular
period and on the following day, everything vanishes off.
, it is just a mere
, people are supposed to take out
from their hectic schedule in order to fulfill the needs of holding a party. To conclude, ultimately, celebrations are responsible for both the development : personal and professional.
, people have hectic schedules;
, they should spare out some quality
and celebrations comes as a
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • extravagant
  • frivolous
  • lavish
  • unnecessary
  • excessive
  • consumerism
  • unrealistic
  • social bonds
  • milestones
  • local businesses
  • celebrate
  • memorable
  • nostalgic
  • cherish
  • community
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