Some people believe bicycle has lot of advantages whereas others believe bicycle has more disadvantages. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

present world, humans are very much busy in their day to day activities and hardly find time for their physical fitness. Bicycles help humans in maintaining a healthy life as our whole body constantly moves when riding a bicycle which is a great form of workout.
, riding a bicycle can cause injuries to a person when used in risky surroundings. In
essay, I will discuss both the views and provide my opinion in the conclusion.
, people hardly can take time out to exercise from their busy schedule,
, in
case, they
of travelling in cars for a short ride can actually ride on a bicycle , by
they can complete work and exercise together.
For example
, people who go in cars to purchase small grocery items should actually prefer bicycles as it will not only help them to remain physically fit but
saves their money as they don't have to spend on petrol or diesel.
, it's a non-polluting form of transportation.
, when it comes to individual short rides, cycles are the best option as they provide advantages like save money, keeps the human body healthy and protects the environment from pollution.
, bicycles can be used only when the conditions are favourable if not they can cause serious injuries to humans as well as it can be life-threatening.
For instance
, Indian roads do not have separate tracks on roads for bicycles and bicyclists use the same track which other forms of vehicles use.
, in
scenario, accidents are bound to happen and in most cases, people lose their lives because of the seriousness of the accident.
, people who only have a cycle as a mode of travel often risk a lot and it's one of the biggest drawbacks. In conclusion, the usage of bicycles have many advantages but all of them can be attained only when the conditions are safe. The negative aspect is
big inform that the positives tend to go back due to unsafe situation. In my opinion, the government should take measures to build separate cycle tracks on roads which encourage people to use them and creates a safe environment as well.
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