some people think that it is more beneficial to take part in sports which are played in teams like football why other people think that taking part in individual sports like tennis or swimming is better discuss both views and give your opinion

Sports and extracurricular activities are proven to strengthen both the mental and physical health of an individual. There are different type of sports, people tend to play which includes multiple players or single-player participation. However, some people argue about the advantages of multiplayer sports over individual sports or vice-versa. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and release an opinion. Sports played in staff helps to gain some of the essential skills vital for individuals success. Firstly, playing sports in a squad enhances business playing skills like leadership qualities which result as an advantage in a professional career. Secondly, participating in a business sport encourages people to communicate with each other which expand their social circle lead to a happy soul. Moreover, extra players in the field also reduce the risk of game injuries as there are more substitutes on the ground. In the end, people playing multiplayer sports are flourishing their growth at both personal and professional level. On the other hand, sports played by a single individual for an instance swimming improves the overall physical and physiological health. Additionally, it motivates a person to do things on their own in a pressing and competitive environment like tennis tournaments. For instance, preparing for a swimming competition, an individual must be fully prepared and equipped as there are none other players to replace or substitute at the time of injury. In a conclusion, playing sports in a staff or individually definitely benefits a person performing them in their day to day soul. However, multiple player sports like soccer or cricket also add on some essential interpersonal skills like the business player, leadership which is crucial for professional growth. In my opinion, squad sports over ways individual sports in terms of their overall benefits.
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