Cycling is healthier and environmentally friendly form of transport. Nevertheless, cycling is getting less popular . What are the reasons of this trend? What can be done to make cycling more popular?

Nowadays, the majority of people consider cycling as an old-fashion while only a few people vouch for this healthier option. In this fast-paced world, people no-longer consider the environment-friendly form of transport instead of opting for their own cars. In this essay, we will discuss the reason behind this trend and the possible solutions to overcome this attitude. Firstly, most of the people do not prefer to spend their precious time in travelling and wanted to reach their destination as soon as possible hence, they prefer the fastest mode of transportation. Secondly, there is a huge increase in spending capacity among the population so the people consider owning a car as a prestige symbol. Finally, awareness of the benefits of using bikes is inadequate among youngsters. There is a need for people to change their attitude and mindset to choose a healthier lifestyle. For example, the doctors recommend patients to consider cycling and walking to overcome obesity. Therefore, people consider cycling as a treatment and not as a habit. Hence, the awareness of adopting a healthier lifestyle such as walking, exercising, cycling etc., should be taught right from school education. Thus, students will no longer consider this as a treatment for a condition and start practising on a daily basis. The government should also encourage everyone to consider a bike as a mode of transport instead of heavy vehicles as this can help to reduce carbon emission which in turn contributes to reducing air pollution. In conclusion, the government and the NGO's should work together in creating awareness among the people by conducting regular campaigns and competitions to encourage cycling. Also, the MNC's can promote eco-drive among their employees to reduce pollution.
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