Some people say that it is better for children to grow up in a city, while others say that growing up in the countryside is better. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion.

The upbringing of a child has been a contentious issue for decades, and everyone has a different perspective on it. While some individuals argue that the countryside is the ideal environment for a child’s development, others believe that urban areas have better opportunities. I strongly concur to the latter opinion, because children learn how to adapt in this fast-paced world and also receive better provisions in urban regions. In this essay, this view shall be elaborated further. To begin with, the world is evolving impetuously and in order to cope with such an environment, children ought to live where everything foments. Most well-known and esteemed institutions and companies are located in the heart of the city. Hence, it would be convenient and opportunistic for young individuals to reside in such regions. For instance, a survey conducted in the United States reported that almost every multi-national companies prefer to construct and expand their businesses in an urban settlement because of the propinquity of college, universities and other modern facilities. As a result, it is evident that cities offer better opportunities than remote areas. Furthermore, although rural areas provide a serene and comfortable lifestyle, individuals still have to travel to cities for better facilities such as health, food and security. This instils a positive mindset, as parents not only need to provide but also protect their children. For example, it is often reported that rural hospitals are not well-equipped with the modernized technology and sometimes under-staffed in comparison to city hospitals. Consequently, parents find it much safer and secure for their children to be raised in an advanced and modern environment. To summarize, Even though the lifestyle in the countryside seem fascinating and peaceful, it is the amenities, opportunities and infrastructure in the cities that prove to be more beneficial. Therefore, I believe that children would adapt much faster and better when they reside in cities.
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