What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology in our daily lives.

Technology is a developing branch which every day surprises us with something new. It has various benefits, such as it has made communication between people and access to things very simple and smooth. But, on the other hand, its same features are responsible for having adverse ramifications on human relationships as well as health. The following essay will substantiate my views on both of these aspects with relevant examples. With the advancement in technology, one can reach to the person in no time irrespective of distance. For example, Social media or business apps, such as Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook has reconnected so many people. Using these platforms, one can converse with each other at any given point, no matter where he is. One of the main benefits is, it saves travel time and expense. Another big advantage is online shopping, just by sitting at home or office we can buy anything from anywhere in this world. We can send gifts to our loved ones who are far from us at our quickest with least effort. For instance, Amazon and Flipkart are well-known sites on which we can shop for any of our necessity. However, I feel these boons also have their own cons on human life. Though it has made our lives at ease, at the same point, it has made us lazy and insensitive. For example, rather than spending time with family, a businessman will just order a precious gift for a loved one to show affection. It will be of no value to the recipient as it will certainly lack emotions such as love and care. Another example is, visiting relatives or market for buying stuff keeps you active and rejuvenated as you share with them a part of your life, which is definitely missing on a wireless platform. To summarize, Though technology makes our day to day life hacks smooth by easy communication and access to the world, it hampers the growth of an individual as well as society by affecting human values.
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