There seems to be an increasing trend towards assessing students through exams rather than continual assessment. What are the advantages and disadvantages of exams as a form of assessment.

Nowadays, students are judged by their performance in examinations rather than having a continuous evaluation throughout their courses. Although exams can cause stress and anxiety, it is a broaden platform to assess the amount of knowledge gain by the students during their particular course. This essay will reiterate the positive and negative aspects of evaluation through tests. In all educational institutions, at the end of each semester or a year , it is a must to organize an exam to evaluate the level of knowledge obtained by each and every pupil. Since question papers are fully based on the syllabus which is being taught in lectures or classes, it is indeed a mesmerising opportunity for the pupils to assess their memory power and to know whether they are capable of studying their chosen path. As an example, medical students are checked semester wise to examine their practical and theoretical knowledge.Hence, it is an imperative gesture to judge post-graduates by having examinations at the end of their studies. On the flip side, not all students will be fond about tests, some consider it has a life goal and will try to work hard to achieve good scores, once they fail to do so, they will be in stress and anxiety, eventually, it will lead to the development of depression. Depression is considered to be one of the ubiquitous detrimental health issue faced by many youngsters, bringing up suicide as the final outcome. To cite an example, the most common reason for depression in adolescents is not achieving their desired grades. Hence, nobody would have ever imagined that a set of questions would have to be able to cause intricacies in an individual. To conclude, educational institutions worldwide prefer to evaluate students by having final exams rather than observing them throughout their academic year.However,the main affirmative of this is that the students will be able to acknowledge their levels by having a form of analysis nevertheless, the lofty drawback is that there are psychological issues arisen due to these mind cracking assessment.
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