Some people argue that technological inventions, such as mobile phones, are making people socially less interactive. Do you agree or disagree?

There is an increasing trend of utilizing advance technology as a form of communication. However, there are people who debate that using gadgets such as cellular phone and tablets decreases the interaction among its users. In my opinion, I agree with this statement and I will discuss my reasons in this essay. Supporters of this issue can point to the loss of an actual interpersonal relationship that is happening when individuals communicate online. The messages sent were usually filtered, especially written correspondence because unlike in face to face contact, the texts can be edited, erased or sugar-coated before sending to the receiver. Moreover, like in the case of video calls, gestures and other nonverbal types of language are often limited or even so, eliminated as most of the time only the face and up are shown on the screen. As a result, this style of conveying information and feelings to others is very superficial and deep bondage are rarely established. Nonetheless, talking through these modern gadgets is an obvious convenience. These innovative items are widely accessible to different socio-economic strata across the globe. Additionally, it is a more affordable class of socialization as there are more companies that provide strategies and ways to connect citizens around the world. Nevertheless, this easy cyberspace approach is less of value than the pragmatic benefit personal engaging can give. In conclusion, in my perspective, unfiltered communication in this fashion has a more positive effect on people's social life. As convenient it may be, using mobile phones and laptops to have a conversation with loved ones and friends or other human beings will not be the same as doing it in person.
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