It is quite right that top sports people should be paid a lot of money. To what extent do you agree?

The earning of sports celebrities has always been a controversial topic. It is often argued by some that they deserve these huge salaries since they spend the whole of their lives achieving that status. I completely agree with
notion and the following essay shall
elaborate on it.
of all, a major reason for high earings of top sports stars is the tremendous struggle and time they have invested in it.
the current status of a
seems fascinating to others, the years of rigorous training and efforts involved are not visible to everyone.
For instance
, a football
has to start training from teenage to perform exceptionally well and later goes through tough trials before being selected as a paid
in a well-known team.
, their high salaries seem well-deserved after considering these factors.
, a star
puts his privacy and personal
at risk and have to live a presentable
which does not come in cheap. Once getting famous in a sport puts him under constant limelight where the fans focus on every aspect of their
as a result
, their family
gets public and they have to invest a lot to maintain their status as expected.
For example
, the fashion industry and other media use top stars as their brand ambassadors and people expect them to the same in real-
, those multimillion annual incomes are inevitable for them. In conclusion, the higher earnings of athletes and professional sportsmen are often questioned whether they worth it or not.
essay has clearly provided the reasons for it and I totally agree that their high pays are justified.

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