The news about violent crimes may frighten people or, on the contrary, encourage them to commit a crime. Therefore, some believe that these types of news should not be reported in newspapers or on TV. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people opine that news related to violent crimes ought not to be covered in the media. I partly agree with this opinion because I admit that this news may terrify viewers or readers and motivate them to commit an offence. However, I also accept that they would equip people with preventative measures and therefore save their lives in urgent and dangerous cases. On the one hand, I do believe that the news about crimes using violence is likely to provoke people to commit these crimes. This is because potential criminals may easily imitate the detailed description of the crime. More specifically, crime news typically illustrates chronologically the ways criminals carried out the theft, burglary or even murder; and the investigation process that police officers and detectives followed to seek out evidence. Accordingly, would-be criminals may consider these illustrations as lessons that would help them commit future offences without leaving any proof. Additionally, I also think that excessive exposure to media coverage of violent crimes may increase individual insecurity and agitation. This kind of news would make people lose confidence in their government’s credibility in regulating crime rates and ensuring a safe community. On the other hand, there are still some justifications for why I hold a belief that the news about despicable crimes should still be broadcast in the media. Firstly, breaking news related to wanted criminals or suspects of homicide could act as announcements to warn people to take preventative measures. For instance, the news about a robbery and murder which has just occurred is disseminated to inhabitants. As a result, they would be straightaway to reinforce their houses’ security by meticulously locking all the doors and windows or make plans to install CCTV in every room. Furthermore, up to date news about the places where the suspect is hiding also helps residents to evacuate quickly from high-risk areas, which is more likely to keep them safe. In conclusion, I do not agree that shocking offence news should not be given widespread coverage despite the possibility of encouraging crime insecurity. This is because this news can help people protect themselves from potential dangers. Given this situation, producers of the news are recommended to modify the contents of the news so that it becomes more educational.
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