Some people think that international new s is more important than local news. Others argue that local news is more important. Discus both views and give your opinion.

Broadcasting of news provides knowledge and information about every corner of the globe and numerous aspects of society. A portion of society believes news from the other countries is having more weightage than from their own location while others having argued regarding this. This essay will elaborate both aspects and give support to my point of view about this issue. Firstly, information regarding the area where people live makes the resident more conscious. For instance, when they know what is happening in their surrounding the can take care their self more actively like, if they have any robbery nearby so they can take preventive measures before the theft reaches to their door. Secondly, if people have information about the surrounding that make them confident to talk in the group and share their opinions. However, international news channels denote to expand the field of information and make a connection in the lobe. If people know what is going on in neighbour countries that help them to get knowledge and chance to learn differently. Strategies for surge the rate of economic growth. Additionally, Public get aware regarding the new inventions of science and technology in any part of the country.International new channels are the source of making the audience get connected and feel they are from one globe and they can learn about the different culture society as well as explore the new languages. To epilogue, both aspects are equally important people should know about the news in their area first and get touch with international events as well to be aware.
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