Children who start reading earlier in life, perform better later on in their school studies. How important are early reading skills in a child's academic performance? What other preschool factors influence a child's later academic achievements?

A child who taught by his/her parents early before stepping into school or elementary studies have seen to be doing quite well in later studies, there is no surprise for a certain student excelling in academics subjects way better than other pupils in a class, it's simply because parents teach their wards pretty much the same they would learn in primary schools. To support this literacy rate have been increased significantly in the last 10 years & parents have gotten more aware of their child performance, likes & dislikes interest. The importance of getting an education a bit early than in any other conventional institute plays a vital role in student academic career. Moreover, such practice enhance pupil grasping ability basically it trains them in simulation way before than any other renewable methods. For example, competitive exam aspirants they start their exam preparation months or even years prior to the commencement of the est. A study was conducted on students to test their performance in Aptitude type exams, that test was not only focused on their overall performance but also it takes many different factors which may affect candidate progress, so the test was conducted there were exactly 20 students, they divided 20 students into two groups & each group comprised of about 10 students, this two group receives a unique task, the two tasks were letting students start the preparation 6 months before the exam whereas other group got a task to start the preparation 3 months prior to the exam, when all students ended up with their exams the results were so intriguing 10 students who started preparation early got higher grades as compared to ones who did preparation just 3 months to the exams. Children are at an early stage of their learning they are like hot metal they would get mould in any desirous shape & configuration, the lessons they receive at the beginning thus impose a defining change later in their life whether it's an academic or personal life, like I mentioned early in the passage above. To summarize,children who gotten know things early will eventually make their future tasks less convoluted & easy, in addition to it, it gives a brief update about the wards to the parents so that they can make a well-informed decision for their child, that's something solely defines what future they would create.
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