The gap between rich and poor growing what problem it creates? and what can be done to tackle them?

Nowadays humankind witnesses situation when the difference between wealthy and poor is increasing dramatically. This issue is clearly seen not only in second-world but also in rich countries. As a result, the main problem which is created is frequent civil unrest due to financial unfairness almost in every country in the world. In my opinion, in order to solve this huge problem several things must be done, such as reorganization of financial institutions and social payments for people in need. Firstly, when economic model of a country doesn't perform at the level which is needed, the political institutions have to be brave enough to acknowledge errors in it's strategies and start to reorganize their financial vector. For example, after the first world war, economic condition of Germany was disasterous: hyper-inflated currency, unemployment and unstable political condition. Riots took place almost everyday. Thus, only dramatical changes could save the nation. That is when Adolf Hitler showed up on the scene. His democratic-nationalist party made enourmous changes in political vector of development of the country. Therefore, almost in less than 10 years Germany bacame one of the most powerful countries in the world. This example shows that only deep reorganization of financial institutions can lower civil strifes. Secondly, social payments can make a huge impact in solving the unfairness in rich and poor issue. Nowadays some countries experimenting with this. Proof of this, Switzerland from 2017 year established unconditional income in 4000 francs for citizens in need. This decision is believed to stimulate poor segment of population to find jobs other than just survival ones. In three years this decision is believed to be the performing one and more politicians are thinking about implementing this strategy in their own countries. Therefore, social payments may help to solve the civil disturbance. In conclusion, in order to shorter the distance between rich and poor, desperate financial restructuring and social instalments have to be considered as solutions. Consequently, degree of civil violence may be lowered in countries, due to big financial difference between people. Thus, if substantial actions will not be taken in near future, the gap between poor and rich will be widened even bigger.
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