In many places, new homes are needed, but the only space available for building them is in the countryside. Some people believe it is more important to protect the countryside and not build new homes there. What is your opinion about this?

The population is increasing day by day and with this growth, more shelters are required for people to live in. As the spaces in urban areas are filled with the houses, so the construction of the new one will be possible only in the countryside. It is the belief of a few individuals that outer parts should be preserved from any construction. This essay will discuss my opinion on both aspects. To commence with, I agree that, it is the duty of everyone to protect the environment from destruction. In other words, removing forests will have a harmful effect on environment where there will be less oxygen from the trees leading to the disturbance in weather conditions. Also, it will impact the employment rate of labour class market and farmers who survive by growing crops and earning wages from it. For instance, poor workers who work against the clock, in the fields to fill their daily needs will no longer have this option for the money. As a coin have a flip side, similarly there are some suitable advantages also, if the countryside land will be used to build houses and buildings. Like, it will enhance the rural places nearby because of the addition of facilities like market and hydro. Furthermore, adding new homes to the outer places than in the congested cities will lead to less traffic and congestion in the urban areas as the area will be widely distributed by the builder. To conclude, this essay has discussed that, though it is important to save the nature and employment rate of farmers by avoiding construction of houses, however, by taking adequate precautions regarding plot division, will help the rural and the urban areas in the facilities and overcrowdedness. A better plan and architecture will bring a positive change to this.
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