Certain parents believe that good parenting means constantly being involved in the lives of their children. While some parents believe it is better for the development of their children if they learn to deal with situations by themselves. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

A group of parents censesus that good parenting is regularly participate in the childrens lives. Whearas, others argue that children better solve their own problem in order to build their self-development. Therefore, ahead my stance, both the viewpoints would be discussed in this essay and try to reach its conclusion. Examining the former opinion, the first argument put forward is that involved in every children matter means a good parenting. In other word, mother and father take responsibilities of all children activities and abilities such as motoric, social and problem solving skill. This has imminense influence on children's development, especially in young age and their social life in the future. Moreover, younger's characters are attributed to the parents. To elaborate, every behavious and language, and act that daughters and sons do, it is created by their parents educations. If parents do not involved in every childrens activities, they would have rudimentary behavious in the future. However, the opponents of this view assert that it is the best way to let every situations solved by children in order to learn build their self-development. This is to say that youngers need to go out from family circle to gain more experiences because children learning by doing. Also, it is necessary early learner learn to build their own social life which sould begin since their primary age. This means interaction with people out of their family stimulate their brain and abilities to learn new things and manage thier natural behaviour in a best way. As a result, children will grow up made by their experience critical intellectual such as communication skill. sympathy and empathy. To conclude and give my opinion, I support the opponent view point to a great extend. All children need to learn solve any situations by themself without any parents control in order to support their development. Nonetheless, parents should support this point of view because children need to learn.
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