Many people today are worried about cybercrime chess hacking and identity theft. What problems does cybercrime cause, and what solutions can you suggest for ordinary people and business to take?

Cybercrime has been increasing with the progress of time, and browsers are very much anxious about at present fact. One of the major problems caused by cybercrime is blackmailing the victims. However, I think, subscribers, either ordinary or business people, are required to set strong security measures to protect their online identities. Victims are often threatened by web criminals for achieving unfair purposes. Hackers are always with the notions to hack others profiles or blogs to fillup their self-interest, such as to obtain ransom from the attacked person providing the thread to viral personal information. Besides, they do so to defame someone with the exchange of money. For example, recently in Bangladesh, one of the famous producers Facebook account was hacked, and some of his intimate pictures with an actress broadcasted publicly, which ignited people's sense negatively about the characters of celebrities. Nevertheless, setting potential security-code could rescue personal webpage. All most in all websites, where users have to put their own data, have options to provide passwords or answer the questions, which only can be known by the subscribers. Therefore, if users put hard passwords mixing with uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers, the hackers will be less likely to break the obstacles of reaching anyone's profile. Moreover, the browsers have to be careful to successfully log-out and choose the options of unsaving information while they are login to unsecured devices. For instance, in Gmail, I selected an option to send me a notification in mobile to receive my confirmation while anyone tries to log-in to my email through other machines. In conclusion, many individuals are concerned with the recent growth of cybercrimes. Though the ongoing trend enhancing unlawful acts, I believe, it could be mitigated if the users are a bit aware while creating their webpages.
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