Due to television and the internet it is easier today for a large number of people to become famous. Is this a positive or negative development?

Modern technologies like TV and the internet help many people to be known effortlessly; obviously, this does not produce the best content. On the contrary, easy fame attracts the worse and clear the way for them to spread their ideas. Firstly, being famous becomes equivalent to being shocking. That is due to the fact that a picture is always more attracting than a written word. Thus, some social media attention seekers are competing to do the most dangerous actions, like climbing a tower bared handed or jumping over a cliff with no safety gears. These efforts are mainly to draw more traffic to their web profiles. In return, a web page with high traffic generates more money through advertisements. As a result, going to the extreme helps to boost the person's fame and wealth. Secondly, because television and the internet are mostly not strictly regulated, governments have loose hands over its contents. In other words, criminals and perverts have a safe haven to get famous and to create whatever trend they wish. A clear example for the previous is how easy the terrorist groups in Syria promoted their actions, and successfully recruited followers through the internet. Alternatively, previous terrorist groups in the eighties and the nineties were less famous because they lacked these modern tools; hence, had fewer followers. Consequently, criminals can easily influence the masses in a low supervised medium. To sum up, not all development is good development. Unfortunately, the easiness of becoming famous in today's world is creating multiple negative patterns; furthermore, it is the tool for the outlaws to reach their victims.
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