Museums and art galleries should focus on works that show the history and culture of their own country rather than works of other parts of the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Museums and art galleries are evidence for the evolution of the modern era. The exhibitionibition show diversity, all over the world through collecting things from various parts. Hence, here comes the proposal of concentrating more on the history and culture of their own land than the entire globe. I disagree with the prompt statement, as it contracts the gathering knowledge from resources. This essay depicts the importance of having collection across the world. First and foremost, In this competitive world, one should learn more and more from the sources available around him in order to succeed in his field. A person gets the benefit of having global things been exhibited in the national gallery, as it helps him to specialise in the ground of study.An architect student for instance desires to know the different technique construction to show off his creativity on that platform. When he finds only limited manuals in the local gallery and finds his own countrymen books in the libraries, which means he is unaware of international working modules and loses the opportunity to know the sculpting technology of others. Therefore, it is necessary that a museum should possess precious things like books, models and works of other country people. In addition, it is not possible for all people to afford international tours. But In a museum, one can get the satisfaction of global roaming without spending a single penny from his hand. For example, Dubai Global Village exhibits a different kind of wonder buildings under one roof even without visiting the respective country. The bookstalls, maps, audio-video visual aids will inspire them to get to know more about the show-offs. So, the focus should be on other parts of the world too. To conclude, from the above summary, it is important and clear that the art and museum halls should provide with a wide range of experience about works and done materials of both locally and internationally. It should aspire people to feel proud of living in this beautiful world where our ancestors lived flawlessly.
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