Being a celebrity such as famous film star or sports personality brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems ?

A common opinion is that people who are well-known worldwide have access to many benefits and yet deal with a lot of problems.
essay will discuss the reasons why I believe famous people have more problems than benefits. Nowadays, many people believe that celebrities have access to countless benefits and commodities. Celebrities are oftentimes seen as wealthy and happy people. They can afford whatever they want like expensive cars and luxury jewellery and spend a lot of money on leisure.
might be interpreted as a benefit to many people.
, famous people can do and achieve everything in life, they can travel around the world in their private jets or live in a mansion in the most expensive cities in the world.
For example
, a recent study has shown that most of the sports personalities own a house in the most expensive area in Miami.
, famous people have
to deal with big problems and concerns. They have to let go
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of their

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privacy. They might be followed by cameras everywhere, even during hard situations like the loss of a relative and grieving, they have to raise their face and fake a smile.
, to some extent, famous people have to deal with alcoholism and drug addiction, a problem that in some cases has caused many artists to kill themselves.
, some celebrities have to deal with depression and they are likely to end up feeling lonely. In conclusion, being a celebrity can bring many benefits,
, I believe that there are more problems involved than benefits. for me, being a celebrity means getting away from a perfect life.
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