Nowadays media should include more good news in their publications Do you agree or disagree with this statement Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. ... Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Media is a great influencer to humankind, meanwhile, it could adversely change one's perception towards a specific field. People expect to understand the ongoing situation. While there are arguments if news should contain more positive reports or not, I radically agree that it should showcase more fine or satisfactory news.
essay will discuss both views.
To begin
with, TV channels give us the outlook on what is going in the world, whether it is positive or negative; certainly, two of them are useful.
, it is very much needed for citizens to have all the information on the current affairs so that they could make a voice for something wrong happening there.
For example
, a news report in India put light on a scam,
many involved were arrested and the issue got solved.
, people could take a chance to prevent the possibilities that might happen in near future. A murder,
for instance
, could be avoided by watching the reasons behind it and the consequences.
, sometimes it is beneficial in some ways to have both types of news indeed;
, more negative ones could affect a person's mind.
On the contrary
, adding more positive stories to publications could inspire people in a vast way. Good and quality reports could charm people's thought, which in turn may help to grow a peaceful society. Natives would get to know more inspiring information and could try to utilize them in their own lives,
negative aspects could not bother their mind very much.
In other words
, People would stay out of negativity and lead a happy, unaffected life.
For example
, Covid-19 death count news had made us so impacted that people started to panic unnecessarily,
on the other hand
, a peaceful agreement signed between 2 countries brought relief to many.
, it is essential to have more happy news in order to get a crimeless society. In conclusion,
both have merits and demerits and they are necessary to some extent, I reckon that reports should contain a higher number of good thoughts than bad ones.

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