Some people claim that there are more disadvantages to the car than advantages? Discuss advantages and disadvantages of having a car?

A section of the masses believes that using a car has more drawbacks than benefits. There are substantial advantages
as ease of travel and time efficiency. These, in my opinion, are profitable enough for me to ignore the minimal disadvantages of added cost and
as those can be managed better. On the one hand, utilising cars as a primal mode of transport has a ton of benefits.
, the individual that owns the car can travel as per their own discretion without having to be dealing with the timing restrictions, which the public transport options bring about. As a personal example, travelling to work has become easier for me since the point I purchased a car. Previously, it was difficult as I had to manage my schedule as per the times of the local buses.
, driving your own provides a level of comfort which is unmatched. Moving around in your own vehicle provides you with a homely feeling which transpires to comfort.
On the other hand
, the disadvantages relating to a personal vehicle is the
it causes.
To begin
with, the number of machines on the road directly relates to the growth of
, going for the eco-friendly options available these days can nullify
drawback. Another disadvantage is the added costs of fuels for the automobile. Maintenance and fuel costs are substantial but can be managed if proper care is taken and movement is kept limited. In conclusion, the benefits of automobiles relating to ease and time saving are bigger compared to the deficiencies of
and cost.

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