Some people believe that robots will play an important role in future societies, while others argue that robots might have negative effects on society. Discuss both views and give your opinion

The advancement of technology is seen in almost all part of human life.
has caused contrasting views, with some people believing that there is more profit to society if machines play substantial roles, and others arguing
. I am inclined to agree with the latter, as heavy dependence on robots will lead to an inactive lifestyle, and
a high rate of unemployment is another problem that will be faced. On one hand, Machines can prove very effective in areas that require repetition and
as lifting heavy objects.
is useful, particularly in the manufacturing industry.
, Audi, a foremost automobile company, already uses robots to assemble its newest release of cars.
, these mechanical bodies couple over 1,000 vehicles in a day,
a task will be arduous for humans.
On the other hand
, machines pose a number of demerits.
, high dependence on these mechanical objects can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.
For example
, in ,Japan many people no longer walk to go shopping, as drones have been provided by many shop vendors.
leads to health-related problems,
as spinal curvature, and
does not portend well for society.
, a pro-machine community will lead to a high rate of joblessness, as employers find these mechanical bodies more efficient and cheaper.
For instance
, in India reports show that many employees are replaced by their lifeless counterparts and
will only increase over time. There is already a cry among the population due to the high rate of retrenchment by companies. To conclude, robots have their own usefulness especially when it comes to carrying out mundane tasks.
, the negative impacts
as laziness and joblessness they cause to society do not make them admirable as they are perceived.

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