In the future, nobody will buy printed newspapers or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

With the advent of technology, numerous methods for receiving
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have been introduced. It has been estimated that not even a single individual will purchase paper books as all the materials would be present on the internet without charging a single penny.
, I partially agree with
statement as online books are environmentally free and easily carried whereas, printable materials are easy to read. These points will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs. To commence with, there are a plethora of advantages of online reading
, gaining
through online sources would be fruitful for the environment as a honing trend of technological gadgets put an enormous decline in paper newspapers or magazines which ultimately, decreases the cutting of trees to produce papers.
, it is an undeniable fact that digitalised sources are easily portable because masses can carry myriad of
from one mobile and can read those whenever they want. To cite an example, a commuter can read anything from the smartphone while on the trip, whereas, there would not be any need to carry booklets during the way. On the paradoxical side, every situation has two perspectives.
, there are certain drawbacks
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electronic reading. The
and foremost disadvantage is that spending long hours
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reading from cellular applications put a detrimental effect on the eyes of people.
, it is somehow convenient for the reader to read through printed publications
of electronic gadgets.
, sticking on
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cell phones

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for continuous hours would be harmful to people.
, it is believed that physical reading is beneficial in terms of concentration as humans can pay better attention while reading from printed textbooks rather than gaining knowledge from online applications which lures distractions in the form of pop-up sounds from other applications
as Whatsapp. To conclude,
, digital reading gives many benefits as it reduces the deforestation in the country and is portable in nature,
, I personally opine that printed
is much more helpful in terms of better health and concentration level of people.
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