Nowadays longer distances are travelled by people to work and study on a daily basis. Some considered it to be a negative development. While others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

At present,
have to travel to work or study on longer distances every day. Some think it is a negative tendency, while others are against
opinion. I believe that
a tendency has more negative effects than positive ones. On the one hand, long travels allow some
to collect their thoughts and forget about day-to-day duties.
In other words
, a bus or a train can become the place where a person can be alone with thoughts requiring focus and attention. In my opinion,
every person needs a personal detached area without other
, there are many ways to find a personal space not only in public transport.
For instance
, a silent environment can be found in many national and public parks available in most cities.
On the other hand
, long commutes might take a lot of valuable
that could be spent on more necessary or beneficial activities.
, the fact that hours are spent on the roads and traffic jams may worsen the emotional state of some passengers leading to depression. From my perspective, the importance of
is underrated by many and is more precious than any wealth.
For example
, social surveys among retired
revealed that wasted
is the thing that most
regret about. In conclusion, while some individuals do not consider longer distances to work and study as a negative development, I personally disagree with it as
is not unlimited. I would recommend spending it more wisely regardless of a person's age.
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