Lone traveling and travelling with companions both have their pros and cons. Discuss and state your preference.

There are mainly two types of trips
is travelling mono and the
is travelling in a crew. Both have their merits and demerits, maybe class trip has more benefits than lone. Let's start with a discussion on a tour of spirituality when a person wants to find his inner self or achieve any goal hard like the diamond lone tour is planned. Seeking out benefits of it, It does not have any kind of barrier constructed in the trek like, which mode of transport to choose, what will be the most prefered place to go and stay, what time is best to plan a trip.
, these trips can be arranged with a single decision only.
, of ,course there is no coin with
side only, the bane of
kind of vacation is, if traveller found himself in any of the difficulty or mate an accident there may be no
to help.
For example
tourer was climbing through the mountains and suddenly fall because it is a very narrow passage to climb. He ended up sticking his hand by side of a rock and stuck there for 3 days and at ,
he ended up breaking his hand to survive. Moving forward with discussion on the travel of joy and bonding, when a group of friends or cousins crew or family plans a vacation mostly everyone who is anticipating in that tour gets really excited and comes up with different plans on where should we go to when will we come back. looking for its pros, the main limitation of solo travelling act as a most significant benefit here.
, as the squad ,size increases possibilities of enjoyment
hikes, now the journey of hours does not irritate here.
talking, passing on jokes, dancing always continues here.
it has more and important advantages it does not mean that it is a full-proof plan, the advantage of lone outing work is a limitation on a group vacation, adding that if any bottleneck occurs in the plan the whole squad suffers from that. For
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instant, If traffic blocks the road for hours, the place visiting is closed, the bus founds some breakdown and many more. In conclusion, my preference is,
the limitations of travelling with companions, I'll always go on that trip. Because it has more boons than the lone travelling and it is not as risky as the other
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