The number of multicultural cities is increasing due to globalisation. Does this development have more advantages or disadvantages?

A highly controversial issue relates to whether the fact that an increasing number of
are becoming multicultural owing to globalization is preferable or not.
essay explains that there are more merits than demerits.
can serve as a way
strive for diversity. Individuals in multicultural
can lead a less monotonous and boring life.
For instance
, there are a lot of stores in Osaka selling food from all over the world.
enables residents there to add spice to their lives, which for those who live in a community where only Japanese
dwell and goods from abroad are not treated is impossible.
, enterprises in multicultural
can improve their creativity.
is because they can hire employees with various cultural backgrounds. What
are good at is said to be closely related to their nationalities.
For example
, Japanese
are adept at improving the quality of existing products, while Americans producing various things from scratch. Combining both of their competence allows a lot of companies to continue to release high-quality goods and services.
, thanks to
can broaden their cultural horizons. By interacting with others from other nations, they can obtain new perspectives in life.
is essential for their survival in
rapidly globalizing world. Without being exposed to different cultures from their own, they would be parochial and be left behind in the world as Japanese
in the Edo era, when they had no contact with others from abroad. In conclusion, there are not only merits but
demerits to
. On balance,
, as more and more
are becoming multicultural,
positively affects
’s everyday lives.
is because
brings excitement, the improvement of creative ability, and wider viewpoints to them.
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  • to illustrate
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