It is commonly believed that nowadays main factors that affect a child's development are media, pop culture and friends. A different point of view is that family plays the most significant role. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some people believe that a child's development is affected by surrounding factors like Journalism, western culture and peers; diametrically opposed to
, others opine that in the upbringing of a toddler, family plays an indispensable role to pass cultural values.
both sides have an equally compelling argument, I am personally inclined towards the
and foremost, with the advancement of technology, youngsters are more tender to fall into the trap of digital media. At that age, they could not be realised what is real and what is an illusion and they tend to copy their favourite film stars, in the way of speaking and action. The high exposer to digital media has influenced offspring's personality to great extent. Apart from that the fellows and journalism like magazines and newspapers
have made a great impact on adolescents' growth.
, the rearing of an infant is the prime responsibility of the family. Both parents pulled their best to teach the cultural value and the significance of rituals to the juvenile.
For instance
,parents educate the child how to respect elders and treat others equally indifferences of social status and skin colour.
, a youngster has received the most valuable information by watching and following their family members.
, the family guides their offspring in either direct or indirect ways. To conclude
, whilst there exist contrasting stances on the matter. It is taxing work to decide which argument may have a more positive impact. I personally believe, parents are the best friends and mentors to affect a kid's personality as they have had a relation with toddlers since birth.

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