The restoration of old buildings in major cities throughout the world involves enormous expenditure. This money would bring more benefits if it was used to provide new housing and road development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The re-modelling and restorations of old
would bring back the history and help in recreating the long lost vision of the
, there are
who think that the enormous expenditure which is being used in reconstructing these
could be used for other purposes
as providing new housing and track development each of these has their own pros and cons which I would illustrate below. In the
scenario where old monuments and
are being restored in the major ,cities they are bringing back the long lost vision of the architects which were destroyed either during wars or during protests or due to lack of funds from the government to preserve them or abandoning the
and not maintaining them. restoring these
will bring back the history of that place.
For example
- the restoration of Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple in Tamil Nadu. Three members from UNSECO came and inspected
temple. The main motive was to restore its heritage value and after inspecting for a couple of hours they applauded the restoring process and how restoring it can be helpful to
in many ways that as the re-establishment of rainwater harvesting methods. In the
scenario where these funds could be used for housing , street developments and other purposes to help
which would be beneficial for them. For ,instance the potholes can be covered and the roads which got destroyed during the rainy season can be re-constructed. Poor
can be given a single BHK apartment to live in by using
amount as one of the schemes. In conclusion, I reiterate and support both of the views, the restoring of
can bring back our heritage values and history which
can be used to raise funds for the roadway development projects and new housing schemes.
it is going to be a tedious and complicated process with the right amount of charging visiting fees after restoring the building's these fees could be transferred to help in the lane development and new housing schemes.

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