Some people say that it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organized and in the correct place. What is your opinion

It is said by a few individuals that it is mandatory to maintain cleanliness at working place as well as in the house
, there should be maintained and things should be properly placed. I completely agree with the statement and
, I will explain why I am supporting the above statement in the following paragraphs.
To begin
with, no doubt stuff should be properly placed
they might be displaced and we have to face bad consequences. Because sometimes the material is very crucial and if they would not be at their accurate place
there might be a problem. Librarians,
for example
, keep all the books, related to different categories, in different sections and
write their record in the register, so later he could be in touch with the presence and absence of books.
, there would not be a mess in keeping the things at the right place, many of the time, person hurridly get a thing and does not keep in mind that where he is leaving the unusable stuff and
later it misplaced.
, cleanliness has become crucial these days, it is not solely in homes but
at the working places. We know people are facing a plethora of problems related to health,
in addition
, the major cause behind health trouble is, flees and mosquitoes, which are originating from unhygienic places, mostly from stagnant water and wastage of food and vegetables. Cholera,
for instance
, is a major issue in India just because of the uncleanliness of water and it
leads to an increased mortality rate, which is common among children below five-year age. So, it is necessary to maintain hygiene in the surrounding. In conclusion, it is a duty of every person to maintain cleanliness in the environment and I assume, that the government should
take some measures to keep surroundings neat and clean and it is the right of community that they should keep the things at their proper with making a mess.
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