One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are living longer and life expectancy is increasing. Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

The results of improving medical facilities are that the life expectancy of humans is getting higher, and people are staying healthy for prolonged periods. There are some positive as well as some negative aspects,
, I think later outweighs the former. One of the most important drawbacks of providing good medical care is an increase in population.
is causing deforestation because people require land to live and cutting down trees for construction is causing detrimental effects to flora and fauna.
For example
, in the USA, forest area has decreased from 3.3 million square kilometres to 3 million square kilometres within a decade leaving several animals homeless. Another disadvantage is the unaffordability of healthcare treatments ,especially for the middle and lower class. These newly developed treatments are causing holes in the pocket of the middle class and poor citizens due to which they are becoming bankrupt.
On the other hand
, the major benefit is that people are now able to spend some more time with their loved ones. In past, children never used to see their grandparents due to the low life expectancy,
, nowadays, children spend an ample amount of time with their grandparents doing activities like playing cards, watching TV shows etc.
, with an improvised medical facility, doctors with the help of advanced equipment can detect several diseases at
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For example
, survivors of T.B and cancer are increasing due to early detection with the help of advanced equipment. To sum up, I certainly think negatives like overpopulation and expensive treatments outweigh the positives of good medical facilities like early tracking of diseases and family togetherness.
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Use a variety of complex and simple sentences

You should use complex sentences in your writing, but it does not mean that you should try to make all of our sentences complex.

‘Complex’ sentences are not actually very complex; they are just two or more simple sentences put together. Putting them together makes the essay more coherent and cohesive.


I really want to study but I’m too tired.

I wore a warm coat because the weather was cold.

If action is not taken soon on climate change, global warming will get worse.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • life expectancy
  • elderly population
  • health care systems
  • pension funds
  • extended family relationships
  • quality of life
  • aging population
  • economic growth
  • volunteer work
  • expertise
  • financial planning
  • retirement
  • age-related diseases
  • medical research
  • healthier lifestyles
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