Few people devote their time to hobbies nowadays. Say why you think this is the case and what effects this has on individual and society in general

Few would dispute the need to pursue an activity or obsession outside of the task. the old English adage “all endeavour and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, is an illustration of how well-ingrained
a belief is, in the association.
, despite the universal acknowledgement of the value of outside effort activities, as a society, we are failing to dedicate time to
pursuits. whether due to the pressure of work or a preference for more passive activities,
as watching tv, we are neglecting hobbies to the detriment of both the individual and the community. Often a corollary of failing to engage in the amusement is an associated negative impact on physical health. having an active
like sport or dance is vastly more beneficial to health than opting to watch tv or surf the internet.
, hobbies
serve to promote mental health. a craft does not have to exercise the body to be of benefit to the individual. Being able to take the focus off work and channel frustrations and stress into a creative or absorbing occupation helps to let off steam and results in a much happier individual. the beneficial effect on the individual
has a knock-on effect at work, too. less stressed employees make for better colleagues and
an all-around improved working environment.
in addition
, employees who pursue a
have been shown to be far more proactive in the workplace. employees actively engaged in a
are more likely to be better at creative problem-solving and helping out colleagues, according to a study by professor Eshelman of San Francisco State University.
, pursuing a
may have unexpected benefits, particularly for the individual concerned. many an entrepreneur has made a career out of their
. the dedication and absorption required to engage in a past time can often be successfully channelled into a business. there is no better guarantee for success than to enjoy the job you do. so taking up a
is a win-win situation for both the individual and for society as a whole.
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