Nowadays many people choose to be self-emploed rather than to work for company or organization. Why might this be the case?. What could be the disadvantages of being self-employed?

Our work style is getting more and more flexible as technological developments progress and lifestyle has altered. There is no shortage of debate on whether being self-employed or working as an employee of a
is better than the other. Though many
tend to prefer self-employment, there are substantial drawbacks. In the following essay, the possible background of the modern trend and the disadvantages are thoroughly analysed and discussed.
, some
just follow their instinct
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and avoid doing something if they feel not comfortable.
For example
, after I joined my current
, I worked with a Chinese guy for two years. One day, he quit the
all of the sudden, and
he founded his own
and started working as a self-employee. His rationale was that he can do whatever he wants and take only a favourable deal for him.
, sadly, the
was liquidated a few years later.
, from
experience, I believe that as self-employed
are apt to keep away from trouble, the majority of the self-employed businessmen don’t have enough opportunities to cultivate their problem-solving ability, which is absolutely essential for all the business persons. The employees of a particular
always face difficulty and practice how to solve the problems step by step, but a self-employed person does not have
a chance, unfortunately. The
reason for the modern trend is that
, especially young
, want to be in control.
For instance
, my ex-colleague preferred to work by himself, rather than
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with others, and
he created his own
a year ago.
, as he was opt-out of society and pursued his ambition, he could not keep pace with the consumer’s needs.
he launched several products, of which he came up with the idea, those products were not accepted by the market, so he ended up closing his firm. In conclusion, from
example, my opinion is that men who work alone have hardships to understand where business innovation occurs since they don’t exchange opinions with others who have a different view than them. To summarize, plenty of
now become self-employed because they want to select what they do, and because they are not really cooperative.
, after a thorough analysis of the recent trend, it is clear that there are two critical disadvantages, one of which is that men who run their own businesses can’t brush up on their problem-solving ability, and the other is that they are incapable of thinking flexibly. It is
predicted that the adverse effects of self-employment will be always greater than the positive effects, and because of
, I maintain that the freshers from universities ought to be aware of these drawbacks before they map out their careers.
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