one of major issues facing world today is over population. What problem arise from this situation? What measures can be taken to deal with it?

In modern society,overpopulation is thought to be one of the most controversial issues.The purpose of
essay is to indicate the impact of the problem as well as to provide functional measures in order for the issue to be tackled. There are plenty of severe effects of overcrowding in our era.
,the depletion of natural resources is considered to be an enemy of today's world.
In other words
, because of the massive gathering up
that is
being observed in urban areas, some necessary resources are being dramatically reduced.Specifically,more people means an increased demand for food,water,housing,energy,healthcare and transportation,so it is extremely difficult for a nation to deal with everything successfully.
, another crucial problem is that unemployment rates are getting dramatically increased.As an outcome, due to crowdedness,the quality of life is being decreased. There are numerous remedies that should be taken into account.
and foremost, one-child legislation ought to be applied.To be more precise, families need to be careful in terms of birth control.
For instance
restrictive measure will be applied,it will assist to curb overpopulation
in particular
In addition
, the government should fund the construction of larger healthcare centres.What is meant is that with more innovative facilities, problems
as a pandemic can be avoided.As an impact,everyone will have the opportunity to advance their lifestyle. To round up, by taking all the aforementioned arguments into deep consideration, it is apparent that crowded societies are believed to be the basic problem of the contemporary world.It is my humble opinion that if the above measures are applied, the situation will get significantly better.
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