You are going to travel to London for about one week and spend two days visiting the London Library. You are studying for a project and want to do some background studies. Write a letter to the head of the library. In your letter explain what your project is about? say what studies you want to do at the library? say what facilities you need to use

Dear Sir, I am writing to inform you about my purpose to come and stay for roughly a week at the library as well as ask for your permission to be there and use the amenities there. I am working on my graduation project about the lifestyle of primitive people who were living in the ancient ages.
In addition
, the investigation of their utensils and the methods of building and inventing them is considered in my studies.
, as your library consists of various parts my major focus will be on the objects which are held there to research them in detail to achieve the goals of my studies which I explained.
, seeing that the utilizing of the personal camera and laptop has been forbidden due to security reasons, I require the facilities
as a computer, a professional camera and
a video projector to watch the disks about the exploring stages which are only available there. I look forward to the confirmation of my attendance there. Yours sincerely, Sara Masih.
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