A friend of yours is going on holiday soon and has asked you to recommend a destination. Write a letter to your friend and recommend a good place for a holiday that you have visited before. • say where you went, • where you stayed, • what you can do there and • what the food was like.

Dear Sam, I hope you and your family are good. I got your letter
week. I am happy you are making a plan to go to Canada in the summer holidays and I will suggest some tourist places in Canada I would like to tell you that I travelled to Canada
year. We went to
city which is famous for its falls.
In addition
, we went to Toronto where we see the
and a port harbour beach. The
thing I would like to mention about the accommodation. We stayed in a farmhouse which was near
, In Toronto we check-in a four-star hotel which is famous for its view of the
from a room. I would like to suggest you fiery ride in
which is very cheap but it is a good adventure.
fall is famous for its fireworks.
, you can go aquatic park which is near to
park is famous for various species of fish. Oh, another thing I would like to mention about food. There is one restaurant in
which is famous for Indian food .
, I would advise you to go there . If you need any assistance please email me any time. Best Wishes, Mark Jones
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Structure your letter

A letter needs to be written using a proper format, including the following:

  • A greeting (Dear sir/madam, Dear John, Dear Mr. Smith)
  • The main body (consisting of paragraphs for each part of the letter)
  • A closing (Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Best wishes, Kind regards, Love)

When writing a letter as part of the IELTS General Training Writing Task 1, it is important to include the bullet points presented to you in the question.

All three bullet points need to be presented. And remember that some bullet points contain more than one element. So, make sure to watch for ‘and’ and plurals.

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