It is becoming increasingly popular for people to have a year off between finishing school and going to university. Do the advantages of having a gap year outweigh its disadvantages?

While some people think having a year off between finishing school and going to university is extremely attractive for students, other experts and the public believe
gap is not useful for them.Let me discuss my opinion in the following paragraphs.
To begin
with,I should say that since the citizenry has different views and opinions towards each other,there has always been disagreement on
For instance
,some citizens think that after school all children need to spend time resting and they believe is essential for them.
, the family maybe needs help with children with housework.
As a result
, is better if they can have one years gap between studies and they completely agree that
subject has advantages for students.
, some collegians do not enjoy staying at home and outlaying more days without studying.
On the other hand
,if I want to talk about the mindset and beliefs of the
category,I have to say that many experts and a lot of people think do not weast of date for collegians and
topic is not useful for them.
, it is the right to outlaying more and more data to improve knowledge and science if they enjoy study,
in addition
to the mentioned items, I have to say some experts consider that if students have an educational distance maybe do not want to that keep it up study and it is fully perilous for them and society.
, some lazy collegians prefer to stay at home and doing playing.
For example
, playing football and riding a bicycle and they are fascinated by playing
of studying. In conclusion, if I want to express my opinion since I have already researched and experienced
subject,I have to say that I had been spending one year time between finishing school and going to university and to be honest I have not had a good feeling for that time so I think
is really disadvantages for them.
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