In many countries today, the number of plants and animals are declining. Why is it happening, in your opinion? What can be the solution to this situation?

it is undeclinable that several
of wild
and plants are pushed to the edge of extinction.
tendency is stemming from the dramatic soaring population. The ministry is required to take immediate actions to impose regulations to protect the lives of these
. the increase in the human population plays a detrimental influence on the disappearance of numerous wild
. To be more specific, in order to offer the accommodation and nutritious healthy diet for human survival, human not only destroys the habitats of a wide range variety of aminals and vegetation to construct modern facilities
as hospitals, high-rise buildings and roads but
utilise the land for farming in terms of raising cattle and planting vegetable by cutting off the trees in the forests. As a consequence of
deforestation, several
lose their shelter as well as ought to move to other places to survive which directly alters the whole ecosystem in the forests. Inevitably, a lot of living plants which have mutual benefits from the presence of
will be endangered and will be vanished eventually. In order to protect the lives of these living
, people opinion to call out the authority's duties.
, the authority can pass regulations to prevent people from consuming meats of endangered
instances as polar bears, and tigers in hopes of keeping the
alive and creating an environment for them to breed resulting in the rise of the number of endangered
, politicians can prohibit their citizens from cutting the forest trees for business and personal purposes.
, to deter humans from deforestation for farming and housing, the authorities should reach out to the housing developers to build more high-layer houses and farms
of covering houses in extended spaces. In conclusion, the increase in the number of people has cruel drawbacks on the lives of numerous living
. The authority can stop
pattern by implementing legislation to ban the consumption of endangered
and plants as well as stop human from colonising wild
' habitats.
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