It is expected in the near future that there will be a higher proportion of old people compared to younger population in some countries. Is it a positive or negative development? Give your opinion and examples.

A very clear trend in how society has been changing recently is the ageing of the population in developed countries. Despite all the measures that the governments have been introducing, soon there will be more old
around than youngsters. I find that a
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negative and even frightening tendency. One of the basic foundations of modern society is the retirement age, which enables the elderly to prolong the active periods of their lives,
of working to their deaths. The lower percentage of young capable
leads to the need for the old
to retire later than their health allows.
, they cannot look after their grandkids, which in its turn makes the young parents less productive at work, creating even more demand for labour. The recent decline in the average happiness levels is an example symptom of
In addition
to preventing members of all generations from enjoying their lives, the growing percentage of the elderly, unless addressed soon, will lead to even more disastrous consequences. Being too busy with work due to the aforementioned factors, young
are not willing to raise enough children to support the current norms, which will eventually result in the complete cancellation of the retirement age and pensions. It is not theoretical,
for instance
, it has been proven that
kind of chain reaction is taking place in
countries as Japan. In conclusion, there is an enormous issue in old
becoming the majority.
being a danger to the status quo in the societal norms, it will eventually become a threat to humanity in general. Reversing
tendency is only in the power of lawmakers.
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