A council is closing a childrens playground because it is not being used often by children. Write a letter to the Council Mayor. In your letter explain

Dear Sir, My name is Simeon Agbanoma and I am a resident of Victoria Bay Estate located in the Omu Council area. I am writing to discuss the children's
. Since the
was established in 1820, many folks utilized the
as a recreational centre because it was properly developed and all that was needed by folks was available as of
, in recent times, the
has been an eye saw since the facility management company switched hands. The
is now a refuse dumpster for some residents which is unhygienic for children to play and
that is
why children do not utilize it anymore. Victoria bay residence was designed with a particular niche which is focused on creating a comfortable habitat for families with kids and youngsters. Most of the kids in the vicinity utilize the
for sporting and recreational activities. The essence of
creative is why the
should not be closed.
, there are several things that I would be suggesting in order to increase the usage of the
. The management facility should be switched to a better company for better maintenance and the facilities in the
should be upgraded to modern ones.
would increase
usage and make it a beautiful place again. Yours faithfully, Simeon Agbanoma
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