Deforestation provides a lot of needed material for furniture making and construction despite the drastic environmental impacts. Do you think the advantages of deforestation outweigh the disadvantages?

People have a myriad of views about whether
brings more benefits than drawbacks.
there are some advantages of the deforest events, I believe they are outweighed by the disadvantages. In
essay, I will probe into both sides and explain my own perspective.
To begin
with, of all the reasons why
brings beneficial effects to the community , probably the most significant factor is that it provides a large amount of wood which is the raw material of furniture and buildings. As we all know, the phenomenon of deforesting implies that enormous trees are being chopped down
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leading to loss of vegetation in the forest area. The chopped trees can
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be used
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in various ways as
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are the essential
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to make different daily necessities in life, ranging from cupboard and chair to table.
, woods
act as the foundation of the establishment of a new building. When cutting more trees, more products made from wood can
be produced, and in turn beneficial to the public by improving their quality of life. Despite the increase in the availability of wood supply, under no circumstance should we overlook the fact that
brings obvious drawbacks to the environment. The first idea popping into my mind is the accumulation of carbon dioxides in the atmosphere which causes serious global warming.
As plants
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are responsible for photosynthesis by absorbing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and
releasing oxygen for living organisms. If there are more and more Greenlands being demolished, the rate of photosynthesis will
as a result
, the carbon dioxide in the air will be accumulated. It is without a doubt that
intensifies the greenhouse effect and
worsens the global warming situation. Another point to note is that global temperature will rise to the optimal level. It is true that global warming brings about the sea level rising
as well as
the glaciers melting.
For example
, the average temperature in Hong Kong has surged roughly 5 degrees in recent decades thanks to the severe global warming situation.
creates irreversible impacts on the environment. In a nutshell, even though deforest activities may help the development of modern life,
, it
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detrimental and irreversible effects on the environment. After taking all aspects into account, I still concur that the downsides outcompete the upsides.
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task response
Ensure the essay fully addresses all aspects of the topic, providing a well-balanced view of both advantages and disadvantages of deforestation. Consider adding more detailed examples and elaboration to support your position.
coherence cohesion
The logical structure of the essay is clear and well-organized, with an effective introduction and conclusion. However, improve coherence by using clearer transitions between ideas and linking sentences more effectively.

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